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Welcome to Area54.eu

Join Area54.eu TeamSpeak

Area54.eu is back!
Hey guys,
we are back!

Area54.eu hosted in 2012 some popular european renegade servers. The community closed in 2013, now we try a new beginning.

See you in Renegade

Area54.eu Team
-> Pascal on April 28 2016 · 0 Comments · 5575 Reads ·Print
1 year Area54
Today is the first birthday of area54, we hope for your supports.


Area54 Team
-> Pascal on August 05 2012 · 0 Comments · 796 Reads ·Print
New maps!
We added some new maps to the rotation:

- C&C_BunkersTS
- C&C_Glacier_Flying
- C&C_Snow

best regards

-> Pascal on July 22 2012 · 0 Comments · 769 Reads ·Print
Server is finally back online.
Server is finally back online.

Unfortunately, there was a failure last weekend at the server box.

A new hard drive was installed, windows and all services had to be reinstalled. After everything was installed the server crashed for unknown reasons. He was due to an incorrectly installed drivers of the network card.
I hope that the server is now stable.

best regards

-> Pascal on July 12 2012 · 0 Comments · 785 Reads ·Print
HDD crashed!
Server crashed! We do our best to fix the problem!

Updates: harddisk changed - windows installation is in progress

best regards

Area54 Team
-> Pascal on July 07 2012 · 0 Comments · 831 Reads ·Print


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